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I am a creative practitioner and my focus is what we share as humans.
My hospitable practice invites collaboration and interaction

My practice addresses inhumanity in a world where we are increasingly divided. It celebrates what we all have in common and by foregrounding commonalities, the work seeks to put into the shadows the divisiveness of difference.

Recent works have been making manifest some of the unseen and unseeable spaces we create and share. These spaces hold the feelings of those moments and embody their energies. These transient moments in time are expressed in multi-media, sculptural forms, often life-size to illustrate their humanity.

A key element of my practice is the collaborative approach to both creating and engaging with my work. This spirit of involvement evolves the work from ownership by the artist to a more communal place. The work invites interaction and is encountered in commonplace, public spaces by people in general.  It seeks to be accessible to all and may involve the senses of sight, touch and hearing. 

My ongoing research into our human condition and our connections informs my practice. 



2018-2021 MA in Fine Art, University of Gloucestershire. Sabbatical 2019-2020 to build a house.

2016-2018 Access to HE Diploma (Art and Design), South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, Distinction.

1980-1983 PhD with University of Reading and the Wildfowl Trust, on the feeding of Barnacle Geese.

1977-1980  BSc. in Applied Zoology, University of Reading, 2.1.

1977 Cordon Bleu Diploma, Tante Marie School of Cookery.


2022 Commission for a sculpture in a private garden.


2003-2021 Founded and Director of Guma Ltd, a consultancy managing ecological projects in urban developments. . 

2013-2016 Doble & Bignall, co-founded an artisan bean-to-bar chocolate business using ethical and sustainable products, winning International Academy of Chocolate Awards in 2015. Our intern from Ghana now has a successful bean-to-bar chocolate company at home in Accra, ‘57 Chocolate’.

1996-2001 Enventure Ltd, co-founded and Chief Executive of a non-profit distributing company receiving and managing Landfill Tax Credits, which funded environmental and community projects for local people.        

1984-2001 -employed and employed work all within the field of ecology, specialising in urban environments and working with local communities.


2022 MA Fine Art Exhibition 2022, Hardwick Gallery, University of Gloucestershire.

2018 HE Diploma Exhibition, South Gloucestershire and Stroud College.


2022 Shortlisted for Bloomberg New Contemporaries programme, March 2022

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