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In Common, 2018


The candle is so tall, so long-lasting, it stretches to the sky

When it is lit – it seems it will burn forever, so much wax, so resistant to fire

the flame takes hold, it burns bright, thriving in the oxygen

it reaches upward, tongues licking vertically, red, orange, yellow

blown by a breath of wind, so beautiful as it weaves from side to side

suddenly I notice – the candle is smaller, the wax drips and pools

it is eaten by the flame, consumed as I watch, I become acutely aware

life is getting smaller, shrinking, ebbing away in front of my eyes

now down to the last vestiges, extinction is nigh, unstoppable

can I turn back time? to a new candle? an eternal flame?

time will drift on into infinity and my flame will not ….

In common

always rushing, speeding through a short life

taking the miracle of us for granted

how amazing we are, 7.6 billion

we move through the world unaware – of us

locked into screens, part of the technology

plugged into another reality, overlooked from afar

while our world spins inexorably by

why don’t we stop to celebrate us?

as one species?

in all our glorious differences?

more unites us than divides us

stop. think. look.

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