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Sewn Metal

So, after visiting a local blacksmith, my love of metal has been re-awakened. I used to weld metal a lot in my 2 years in Stroud and sadly we had no facility for that during my Masters, so I’m returning to a passion and my boxes of found and scavenged metals.

The lack of a forge or welding equipment led me to think creatively about how to create with metal. I also love sewing, and an idea was born. What if I could sew my pieces of metal together? I have lots of copper wire from stripping out discarded power cables, a tree stump as an anvil and a beautiful, antique ball-peen hammer borrowed from my brother-in-law.

These first little pieces are really pleasing and the next step is to cut some pewter sheet and try a figure in one piece.

Stitched and bound

Coming unravelled

Coming unravelled

Connecting with nature


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